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Hi Much to absorb and consider for local commissioning. Working on a housing related project for people with dementia. Just wondering if there is any intention of updating or reviewing the 2007 prevalence rate figures or if you are still happy with that report’s findings. Also can the data be aggregated up to county level for two tier authorities. Thanks Dan

Hi Dan,

I will pass on your query regarding the the 2007 prevalence rate figures to the team working on a new web based version of the Calculator to ensure that this is addressed. This will be available soon.

Hi, I have registered my details to enable me to login and use the tools on the dementia prevelance calculatir. It says i would recieve an activiation email, but as yet i have not recieved this and on trying to login it says my account is not activated?


Hi Ben,

Please accept our apologies for the problems that you have experienced in accessing the Dementia Prevalence Calculator logo laceup sneakers White Fendi jFsCQ8

The activation emails being sent from the server were being blocked by an NHS firewall. This issue is now resolved and you should have received your activation email.

Please let me know if you are unable to log in after you receive the activation email.

I have registered on the website but have not been sent an authentification email in order to proceed in using the webiste. Please can you advise? Thank you

Dear Gaynor,

Please accept our apologies for the problems that you have experienced in accessing the Dementia Prevalence Calculator Cyan Pants for Women On Sale in Outlet Cyan Cotton 2017 24 Dolce amp; Gabbana 2017 Cotton 24 Dolce & Gabbana Og2r1K

I am using this fantastic tool to work with commissioners regarding dementia prevalence at GP practice level.

I just need to double check – the difference between v1 and v2: v1 – discounts residential home prevalence v2 – includes residential home prevalence

Please could you confirm that this is correct – and also advise me if there are any other differences.

Comparing the 2 – the differences between v1 2 can be stark- with one GP practice I am looking at going from 90% pickup of expected prevalence on the QOF register in v1 – to 10% in v2.

Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

Sally Donaghey

Hi Sally,

I have asked for clarification on the residential home prevalence query and will provide an update soon.

Please note that the Dementia Prevalence Calculator is being transferred to the national primary care information platform, Cinq azf5mhGm

This will be availableearly next year, and it will include the 2012-13 QOF dementia diagnosis data.

CCGs and General Practices will be notified when the dementia prevalence functions are accessible via this platform.

I hope that this helps.

Rowan, Editor, Dementia Partnerships

Has anyone else noticed that the prevalence figures on the quick view section differ from one table to another (prevalence and diagnosis tab and trajectory to deliver selected diagnosis rates)? This second table also seems to contradict the practice level data as well.

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What about Natural Factors Methyl B12 5000mcg? How many stars did you give to that one? I have been taking that one for more than 3 weeks, no changes so far. I can see you recommended numerous times Jarrow and Enzymatic Therapy, so I am wondering how much they can be better than the other brands.

Thanks, Alex.

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zlatibor5, The Natural Factors b12 5000mcg was unanamously 1.5 stars. It didn’t maintain gains on most symptoms. The fallback wasn’t as bad as the Source Naturals which was zero stars, on the way in 3 days an intoleravble after 7 days. The Natural factors mb12 was fallback in 5-7 days and intolerable fallback after 14 days. The Jarrow and ET were a good 100x better. Size didn’t matter in this comparison. Nobody could tell whether they had a 1mg or 5 mg. That only makes a diffence after near to equilibirium is reached with 1mg.


SInce I have talked about starting real b12s and active folate (metafolin) I should mention alll the alerts.

1- Can neutralize tetanus neurotoxin it makes for occult tetanus and very difficult to diagnose. 2 – It reverses Botox for about 24 hours per dose of mb12, also a clostridium neurotoxin. 3 – If CoQ10 is being taken when starting mb12 etc blood pressure can go sky high. This is only true during the early part of healing. 4) Potassium will drop like a rock for almost everybody for which methylation startup occurs and backlogged healing starts. 5) Need for Metafolin increases to 2400mcg or more, lots more if the person has paradoxical folate deficiency. Even a small dose of Metafolin can start more healing than the dose can maintain causing folate insufficiency symptoms.


Lyn Flynn says

Hi Chris (or should that Freddd – I am a tad confused)

I am 55 years old and have been having Neo – B12 (Hydroxocobalamin – as chloride) injections for about 12 years since I was diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia (intrinsic factor). I used to be a strongly built athlete. In recent years I have suffered a lot of soft tissue injury very easily and cannot find a practioner who knows what to do with me. I have been put in the too hard basket! Are there any tests you can recommend for me to get back on top of my soft tissue issues?

I can, and do, suffer from inexplicable bouts of tiredness. I can put down some bouts of tiredness to down to a neck injury.

I am now lactose intolerant so use a 600mg calcium supplement with 400IU Vitamin D once daily.

I suffer from urticaria so am unable to have anti-inflammatories, pain killers (bar paracetamol) and some anaesthetics. I was using ENDEP 10 (Amitriptyline Hydrochloride) as a nerve block but started to have heart palpitations. I recently ceased the ENDEP and the heart palpitations are getting more and more infrequent. My GP did not put me on anti-depressants because I was on the ENDEP. He did not support me going off the ENDEP even though he knew about the heart palpitations.

Since injuring my neck almost 15 years ago because of the tiredness and extreme head pain, I have not always eaten properly. I live by myself. Since being put off work recently, I am trying to turn that around.

I have recently been diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder with depression and anxiety. I need your help as I am not getting it here in Canberra.

Should I have had my folate levels checked? Any advice you can offer would be most appreciated.




First, it is based on age alone, so that sicker (healthier) than average persons in each age group constitute a predictable loss (profit).
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Thus, intrinsically healthier women may be more likely to get married and/or less likely to become widowed or divorced.
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The new retirees are younger, healthier, better off.
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Women with a severe illness also selected functional ability more often than healthier women.
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Physiologically, children growing up with rural families are healthier than children growing up in institutions.
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The constructive relations that followed the turnover would seem to suggest that a healthier, more stable situation has emerged.
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In the final analysis, a renewed focus on ecological democracy could potentially lead to healthier environments and a more satisfied and engaged citizenry.
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The intuition is that healthier workers have greater productivity, since workers are more able to work diligently, for longer hours, without succumbing to debilitation.
From Cambridge English Corpus
As has already been shown, the new approach requires the formation of a healthier relationship between the pupil and the teacher.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Also, an improved, healthier physical appearance causes an equally improved body image and can therefore increase self-esteem.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Complication rates are lower in healthier and younger patients.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Their livestock were healthier when fed with alley trees.
From Cambridge English Corpus
The reliability estimates may reflect the experience of somewhat healthier respondents and may not be fully generalizable.
From Cambridge English Corpus
The potential of replacing fat with a healthier product of similar taste and texture has not been lost on industry.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Participants who drank only wine tended to be lighter, more educated, smoke less and appeared to have a healthier diet.
From Cambridge English Corpus

Translations of “healthy”

健康, 強壯的,健康的, 顯示健康的…


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