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JANUARY 24-27, 2019

Thank you Lisa! I totally agree, and I had no idea about a warning label of any length, let alone 43pgs! I also think there has to be more to this issue (nothing is ever simple, is it?) than just the fluoroquinolones. I have never taken them, yet I have chronic fatigue with fibromyalgia, and I battle chronic migraines – I’m coming down from one right now so if I sound out of it, it’s because I am a bit, sorry. Fluoride and bromine (used to bleach flour in breads) each do a real number on the thyroid and displace iodine, the only nutritive halogen as far as I know.

Could we add to your knowledge with the hypothesis that any fluoride from any and every source is also a possible contributor? I’m thinking of toothpastes, fluoridated water, fluoride tablets (no joke, this happened to me) that pediatricians and dentists prescribe for small children ‘for their teeth’, and industrial fertilizers. I’m under the impression that those fertilizers have a lot of hidden poisons in them under the ingredient “inert ingredients” and one of those is fluorides. These may either be uptaken by the plant foods we eat or those fed to animals, or they may interfere with normal plant uptake etc. ultimately rendering the plant deficient at best, toxic at worst.

Some vaccines have or have had fluoride as an ingredient, too. [What genius dreamed that one up?!] Here’s a pdf chart, you have to click on the link:

What’s your thought on all F sources? And possibly bromides as well, since they are also in some vaccines and in our food now, too? I think these ingested and injected toxic halogen compounds can and do ruin many pathways in the body, not the least of which is this B-12 issue.


Hi Molly,

It’s funny, you’re the third person in 24 hours to ask me about the fluoride connection. I think that it may be a sign that I should look into it more thoroughly.

Dr. Mercola thinks that the fluoridation of fluoroquinolones is the main problem with them. Here is one of his articles on the topic –

I believe that the problem with fluoroquinolones (FQs) is more in what they do to cellular magnesium levels and mitochondria. FQs deplete intracellular magnesium. Intracellular magnesium is really, really, really important. It is vital for more than 300 enzymatic reactions – including the utilization of all of the B vitamins within cells and the production of ATP in mitochondria. When cells are deficient in magnesium, the mag/calcium balance is thrown off. Too much calcium can translate into too much superoxide production. Superoxide is a potent oxidant that can wreak havoc on the whole body. FQs are a big culprit in depleting cellular magnesium, but they’re not the only one. Here is a list of drugs that deplete magnesium – Dress for Women Evening Cocktail Party On Sale Turquoise Viscose 2017 12 8 Jean Paul Gaultier 2017 Evening Cocktail Party On Sale IitMU0

A fluorine atom was added to the quinolone molecule to make it more potent and so that it could more easily penetrate tissues (and cells?). The fluorine/fluoride may be the key to how FQs break open cells to deplete magnesium. I’m not completely sure about that though.

Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment! I definitely need to take a closer look at the role of fluoride in the mess that is Fluoroquinolone Toxicity.

Regards, Lisa

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Patients from both arms were advised to see their general practitioner (GP) whenever they had acute symptoms suggestive of pharyngitis. No specific treatment protocol was stated, although participants were also given information about the study for their GP, along with instructions about examining their ear, nose and throat status, how to take cultures and obtain the relevant blood samples.

In the Pants for Women On Sale Black Viscose 2017 26 30 Fabiana Filippi 2017 Viscose 26 30 Fabiana Filippi Pants for Women On Sale Black kyKhxzr
study, participants in the surgery group underwent tonsillectomy within six weeks of trial entry. In the non-surgical group, the participants' general practitioners (GPs) prescribed an eight-day course of antibiotics for each episode of tonsillitis in the following year. Patients in this group were allowed to "opt out" and have surgery at any time. Patients who had surgery were reviewed every six months, up to the 18th month post-surgery. Patients in the antibiotics group were reviewed every three months in the outpatient clinic, and their GPs were sent study protocols and questionnaires, which they completed and returned to the investigators whenever the patients sought treatment (and received antibiotics) for tonsillitis. A final review was carried out between 18 and 24 months after entry to the trial.

The Paradise studies followed up participants over three years. A standardised in-person or telephone inquiry was made bi-weekly concerning the day to day occurrence of a specific list of symptoms and events, and standardised clinical examination was performed every six weeks and at the time of respiratory illness ( Paradise 1984 ).

Both Replica mirror sneakers Blue Maison Martin Margiela C8YmQCLOYy
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collected data through patient diaries. In van Staaij 2004 , parents performed additional daily temperature measurements using an electronic thermometer that stored data, and these data were collected along with data from diaries and quality of life questionnaires during follow-up visits at 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. Participants in Cyclamen Dress for Women Evening Cocktail Party On Sale Cyclamen Triacetate 2017 34 Gianluca Capannolo 34 Gianluca Capannolo IuA1h
were supposed to return the four-weekly diary by post, but telephone prompt interviews were introduced "part way through the study" due to low response rates to the health diary.

Participants in two studies in adults were instructed to see their GP when they had signs and symptoms suggestive of pharyngitis, and instructions were given about collection of data from medical examination and throat culture ( Alho 2007 ; Koskenkorva 2013 ). Data were also collected by symptom diaries.

All studies reported the number of episodes of sore throat and number of days with sore throat, except for Stafford 1986 . However, there were variations in how studies defined what is considered a sore throat episode or a sore throat day, and whether the episode of pain and days of pain following surgery were included in their report of number of episodes of sore throat and sore throat days.

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